If your looking for the A-Team framing crew then hire S.R. Freeman.
Brian Parker
President - Parker Construction INC
I work with hundreds of contractors and S.R. Freeman is the best! If you want it done right the first time, contact S.R. Freeman.
Dave Maggetti
VP Maggetti Construction
S.R. Freeman has framed several projects for us. Sean is our main contact for estimates. From bid to completion, the communication and execution are un matched. I highly recommend S.R. Freeman and will certainly use it on future projects.
Zac Rempe
President - Rempe Construction
I think S.R. Freeman stands out for the fact they do rough carpentry and finish carpentry which makes a big difference on custom homes. The whole team is great to work with from all aspects of the business. When we asked if S.R. Freeman would install cabinets, they gave it a go on a project and will look at installing it potentially on other projects. This would be a big help. I would indeed recommend S.R. Freeman to others.
Davis Schroeder
President - Nordby Signature Homes, Nordby Signature Builders & Nordby Earthwork
It is always a pleasure to work with S.R. Freeman, they staff the project with qualified leads that have a good understanding of the project. For us, we always have to try to balance the budget versus the value brought by the subcontractor. We understand that a well-managed project will cost a bit more. I would tell a potential client that S.R. Freeman has been a great partner for us and that we truly appreciate their in-depth knowledge of construction and framing techniques.
Pete Moffat
President - Pete Moffat Construction
My company started growing in 2010 and by 2017 I needed a new framing contractor. I had seen the S.R. Freeman trucks around and contacted Shone. S.R. Freeman has been the only framing contractor we’ve worked with since our first project in 2018. I’m grateful for the entire company's commitment to excellence, which results in a high-quality product and appreciative clients. Not every project we engage in runs smoothly so it is imperative to have open communication, something S.R. Freeman excels in.
Patrick Kavanagh
President - Kavanagh Construction
S.R. Freeman is well-staffed. It's not just the staffing that is unprecedented, their quality is second to none. You can tell everyone is properly trained also. I used them recently on a 9,000-square-foot remodel. The steel is integrated seamlessly. The ceilings were tricky and necessitated some design-build thinking. S.R. Freeman nailed it...pun intended!! Thanks for the great work, Shone and team.
Mark Januario
Vice President - De Mattei Construction, Inc.
I am a high-end General Contractor and S.R. Freeman is above and beyond the best framing contractor I have ever worked with in my experience. There are very very few contractors that do everything right, and S.R. Freeman is one of them. From start to finish (estimating, planning, scheduling, workmanship, and keeping to a schedule) they are top-notch and set a very high level of standards. I never hesitate to refer them to other contractors and they are always my first choice when framing projects.
Corbin King
General Manager - D.R. Domenichini Construction
Working with S.R. Freeman was a great experience. Sean and Eric know the building process inside and out which was refreshing. It takes an elevated skill set to work on high-end homes that few have. The team stuck with the project through thick and thin to meet our schedule goals.
Justin Wood
Superintendent - Earthtone Construction
Hands down, one of the best subcontractors I’ve worked with over the past 15 years. From the speed/accuracy of the initial project pricing to the execution of the work, S.R. Freeman has the most efficient system in place to handle any project size we throw at them. S.R. Freeman is committed to providing the project with the best outcome and has shown to be extremely flexible with both schedule and design changes. Their pricing/CORs/RFIs are so well documented that we often use them as the model with other trade specifics contractors when discussing how we would like things done on the management side.
Brendan Lathrop
Stand out - S.R. Freeman provides exemplary upfront planning, attention to detail, and craftsmanship. Their teams excel at executing large complicated scopes of work, while effectively staffing projects. Obstacles - S.R. Freeman can be prohibitively expensive for some projects. Projects that lack detail, are smaller sized or require more of a design-build approach can be challenging to work through. This appears to be due to management layers and lack of agency in the field (I get it and understand why the lack of agency, but it can be a real challenge on some projects). At times, change orders have been extremely unreasonable with a lack of transparency that makes a substantial amount of work for everyone involved and does not foster collaboration and teamwork. This not only impacts the working relationship between GC and Framer, but it can lead to the degradation of ownership/project team confidence and trust. Moving forward - S.R. Freeman is built on integrity and quality. Their teams exude a good company culture and can perform at an extremely high level of quality. They can staff projects properly, coordinate well between multiple disciplines, and communicate effectively. We recently completed a very large and successful project with the S.R. Freeman team and when the shaped rafter tails arrived on site from the mill they were not to everyone's standard. The S.R. Freeman team took the initiative to hand-sand and detail each rafter's tail before installing them. This is a great example of integrity and craft. This detail could have been overlooked or left to the painters to detail at a later date on scaffolding high up in the soffits. Differently - Improve open communication and transparency to be able to all work more collaboratively when there are changes during a project or unknowns when initially bidding work. Tell - I would tell someone the things noted above if giving a referral.
Tyler Coke-Marrone
One of the ways that S.R. Freeman stands out is their attention to detail and craftsmanship. They have created policies and procedures and are great at adhering to them. And their quality is top-notch. The 3 things that we look for in a trade partner are 1) Quality work (If the quality is sub-standard, there's no reason to engage), 2) Reliability (Show up when you say you will), and 3) Fair/competitive prices. (We don't look for the cheapest but the price shouldn't preclude us from getting the job. We most often get 2 out of 3 of the above, and on a rare occasion, we get the trifecta. And when we do, we don't even shop around. (Why would you?!) S.R. Freeman 1) does great work and 2) is reliable. They are a "top-shelf" company and it's reflected in their pricing. This is probably why the adage, "You get what you pay for" is so accurate. However, when we plug in their numbers, we sometimes lose the job. It's one thing if our painting contractor is 20% more than the client is expecting. But when you get a cost-heavy trade like framing, 20% can make or break the deal. D.R. Domenichini Construction isn't usually the lowest priced contractor but people are often willing to pay for our service. So we certainly can't expect someone as professional and quality-oriented as S.R. Freeman to be the low-cost leader. But if the question is what are the obstacles that would prevent us from using S.R. Freeman, this would be the only one. The quality and professionalism speak for themselves. S.R. Freeman has an excellent reputation and if anyone uses them, it's easy to understand why they are held in such high regard. I struggle to think of any area in which S.R. Freeman is lacking. For people considering using S.R. Freeman, I would tell them the same as I've been told by others in the trades: If you (and/or your client) can afford S.R. Freeman, you're all set. No need to seek out other framing contractors.
Dave Domenichini
D.R. Domenichini Construction


Mike Lewis, Vice President

Mike has been at S.R. Freeman since 1998. A carpenter since the age of 14, Mike has a reputation for getting things done and puts that skill to work building effective teams and collaborative relationships. His deep roots in the industry have proven to be an invaluable resource to his team members and to S.R. Freeman clients. Outside of work, he enjoys chess, surfing, and CrossFit.

Shone Freeman, President

Shone founded S.R. Freeman in 1992 after sharpening his framing techniques, first by working on tract developments and then moving to the architectural challenges of custom homes. An expert carpenter, Shone has a reputation as one of the best framers in the business and consistently raises the bar for himself as well as his employees.