South Bay, California, is a dynamic and diverse region located in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area. Boasting a unique blend of urban sophistication and natural beauty, South Bay encompasses cities such as San Jose, Palo Alto, and Sunnyvale. This area is synonymous with technological innovation, as it houses the headquarters of numerous tech giants, giving it the moniker “Silicon Valley.” Beyond its technological prowess, South Bay offers a vibrant cultural scene, lush parks, and a thriving culinary landscape. With its Mediterranean-like climate and a wide range of recreational opportunities, South Bay is a magnet for professionals, families, and nature enthusiasts alike. This region stands as a testament to the fusion of innovation, culture, and natural splendor that defines modern-day California.

Director of South Bay/SF Peninsula Operations

Ryan V.

S.R. Freeman’s culture of promoting individual career growth entwined with business growth has created a working environment of success. You’ll never meet a manager here at S.R. Freeman who’s not willing to train, support, and assist you in reaching goals together. I’m a testament to this culture at SRF with my 20-plus years employed, which has led to my current roles in Business Development, Sales, Estimation, Estimator Training, AutoCAD Training, Assisting AR & AP, and Project Management.  Outside work, I’m my daughter’s #1 fan, head coach of a youth softball year-round travel team, aviation enthusiast, and continual personal home improver, all while looking forward to exploring another travel destination.


2380 S Bascom Ave STE 200, Campbell, CA 95008

“The pricing and the communication with contractors and S.R. Freeman were the most important factors. We’ve worked with them in the past, and their quality of work is good.”

“I work with hundreds of contractors and S.R. Freeman is the best! If you want it done right the first time, contact S.R. Freeman.”


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Mike Lewis, Vice President

Mike has been at S.R. Freeman since 1998. A carpenter since the age of 14, Mike has a reputation for getting things done and puts that skill to work building effective teams and collaborative relationships. His deep roots in the industry have proven to be an invaluable resource to his team members and to S.R. Freeman clients. Outside of work, he enjoys chess, surfing, and CrossFit.

Shone Freeman, President

Shone founded S.R. Freeman in 1992 after sharpening his framing techniques, first by working on tract developments and then moving to the architectural challenges of custom homes. An expert carpenter, Shone has a reputation as one of the best framers in the business and consistently raises the bar for himself as well as his employees.