When it comes to constructing a home, what you can’t see makes a big difference. Framing a home properly the first time reduces build costs and maintains the integrity of architectural elements and finish details as the build process progresses.

Working with S.R. Freeman is a solid investment you can trust. Utilizing complex AutoCAD drawings allows us to examine and address every facet before we get started and keeps us on track throughout the project. We create complex wood frame construction to tolerances within ¼ inch and design, fabricate and install roof systems, beamwork and structural steel with the same exacting standards. Our attention to detail extends to the smallest of projects, which is why clients also count on us to construct arbors, entertainment pavilions and balconies as well as install exterior and interior trim and finish work.

In addition to bringing our craftsmanship and expertise to every job, fellow contractors appreciate our ability to manage all aspects of the framing process. By collaborating and sharing the workload we ensure that each phase stays on point and is completed with precision and quality, all to create a successful project for everyone involved.

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Right team for the Job

With access to a large and highly skilled team, we can ramp up quickly and shift team members as necessary to stay on schedule. We can bring a lot of horsepower when needed, both in terms of personnel and equipment, to keep the project streamlined and moving along quickly. We can also pare down to work most cost-effectively at every part of the process

Quality Control

At the beginning of every project, we go through all of the information we have with the contractor and the homeowner and assess what else we need to begin. We leverage our experience to make suggestions that will save time, money, and hassle for everyone along the way. At the end of the project, we walk through the home together and check that all work is done to spec, as detailed in the plans, and to exceed our high standards.


With 20+ years in the industry, we’re commited to finishing projects to the best of our abilities. We love what we do, and it shows in our work.

Detailed Bids

Most framers use a per-square-foot calculation for bidding. We don't think that goes nearly deep enough. We break out all material, labor, and equipment costs, so you can see exactly where the costs come in and what is and isn't included in our estimate.


Communication and collaboration aren't the words you will often hear from a framing company, but they're at the very heart of why we can keep our projects progressing smoothly. We communicate problems and opportunities as they come up. We collaborate with others in search of solutions as early as possible and then waste no time in executing them. We listen closely to our partners, the general contractors. Our clients tell us it makes all the difference.



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Mike Lewis, Vice President

Mike has been at S.R. Freeman since 1998. A carpenter since the age of 14, Mike has a reputation for getting things done and puts that skill to work building effective teams and collaborative relationships. His deep roots in the industry have proven to be an invaluable resource to his team members and to S.R. Freeman clients. Outside of work, he enjoys chess, surfing, and CrossFit.

Shone Freeman, President

Shone founded S.R. Freeman in 1992 after sharpening his framing techniques, first by working on tract developments and then moving to the architectural challenges of custom homes. An expert carpenter, Shone has a reputation as one of the best framers in the business and consistently raises the bar for himself as well as his employees.