We didn’t set out to have a huge business. It was 1992, and we were just guys who loved to frame homes, get our hands dirty, and do right by our customers. Our reputation meant everything to us, and delivering quality every time, no matter what, is what kept us going day after day.

All these years later, our values haven’t changed, but what has is our ability to deliver outstanding craftsmanship to customers and contractors.

From the bidding stage forward, we approach the project as a valued partner.  Whether it’s wood frame construction in complex homes or remodels, or structural steel and exterior trim installation, S.R. Freeman is the go-to resource for high-end contractors and homeowners throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for a reason – we do it right the first time, no matter what it takes, with skill, expertise and professionalism. And that’s something we’re proud of every day.


At the end of the day, our responsibility to our partners and clients is the number one priority. With communication being the most crucial aspect of making sure our partners and clients are satisfied with the end product.


We are dedicated to being reliable on the job and we are confident it shows in the work that we do. We believe putting forth our best efforts from beginning to end is how to get the job done right.


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Mike Lewis, Vice President

Mike has been at S.R. Freeman since 1998. A carpenter since the age of 14, Mike has a reputation for getting things done and puts that skill to work building effective teams and collaborative relationships. His deep roots in the industry have proven to be an invaluable resource to his team members and to S.R. Freeman clients. Outside of work, he enjoys chess, surfing, and CrossFit.

Shone Freeman, President

Shone founded S.R. Freeman in 1992 after sharpening his framing techniques, first by working on tract developments and then moving to the architectural challenges of custom homes. An expert carpenter, Shone has a reputation as one of the best framers in the business and consistently raises the bar for himself as well as his employees.